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Solitz Power Engineering Ltd in partnership with the F.EE Group from Germany is a company that produces, markets, sells and distributes energy based on renewable energy resources. Our target market includes manufacturing facilities, federal and state government facilities, airports, telecommunication, housing estates and property owned by high net worth individuals. We develop renewable energy generation projects for private entities and in participation with the public sector, to serve manufacturing clusters, communities, distribution companies or the national grid.

Commercial and Industrial Buildings 

Reducing electricity expense by transforming how customers acquire, store and use energy in buildings. More info

Integrating Solar & Wind generation 

Improve and transform the economics of renewable energy while improving grid stability. More info

Microgrids & Virtual Power Plants 

Adding flexible capacity to the energy supply mix with turn-key distributed energy storage solutions. More info

The Numbers Say it all

As a homeowner you are guaranteed to pay an additional 4% – 9% on your electricity costs yearly. So, just think if you paid 250.00 in 2010 then you now pay around 344.56 now in 2016. What will it be next year? What did you get for the additional money spent? Nothing

Residential PV Solar doesn’t just save you money, it also adds value to your home. Making your home more energy efficient will save you hundreds of dollar per year. Combining residential solar you can reduce your utility costs as much as 90%. Day that you produce more electricity than you need, your utility company pays you. The cherry on top, it’s all clear energy, no harmful green house gasses. You don’t just help yourself you help your community, the environment, and the world. The perfect win-win.

  • You will pay an additional 4% – 9% yearly on your electricity bill with no extras features.
  • Put as much as 90% of your electricity bill back in your pocket. Your utility company can pay you
  • Paying your electricity bill every month may keep your lights, it doesn’t increase your home’s value. Residential solar and energy efficiency is an investment.
  • The perfect win-win save money, add home value, help your community and your environment.

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